Bury Grammar School Full-sized Photographs

The alumni site is a real swizz and short-changes old Clavians in my humble opinion. I am quite steamed up about it. Some time ago I suggested that the school make full-sized whole school photographs available. I also complained that the zoom feature that only showed one face at a time was worse than useless. It was totally impossible to get one's bearings and find our younger selves.

The zoom feature has been very much improved. However, it is still not a proper zoom at all. You see, the full-sized photo is downloaded to your browser in the background. All the "zoom" feature does is let you see the photo in its full sized glory, all be it just a region of it. Go here http://bgsarchive.co.uk/ to see what I mean.

It is possible to get the full-sized photo that is downloaded automatically. I have done this with mine. Just look here to see what you are missing. Though I am not a lawyer, if YOU retrieve the photo from your own computer, BGS can not do anything. They can not do anything to me either as long as I do not do it for you. As you are not committing a crime, I cannot be "done" by helping you.

The school has been very snotty over this issue saying that they had the copyright on the photos and copies should be ordered from the school. Somehow I do not think such reprints are anything but a very minor source of income, if that, for the school.

Due to the values instilled in me by my time at BGS, I fight back against such crassness. As far as I am concerned, they are saving a copy of the photo on YOUR computer. All you are doing is making sure that it does not get deleted.

How to save your copy of the school photograph

The photo gets downloaded to your browser's cache so all you need to do is find it! In my initial testing, this did not work with all browsers.

There is a few utilities that you will need. They are all from the same excellent site, www.nirsoft.net. They all show you what is in your browser's cache.

The first utility to try is ImageCacheViewer. This utility scans the caches of all the supported browsers. Now *before* you run this utility, make the last thing you do is to click on a (I am using the school photos as an example in this tutorial) school photo. That just makes it easier to find in the next step, You are advised to close the browser you are using. There are LOTS of files in a browser's cache so do not worry if the scanning takes a long time. I have 6 different browsers in use here so the scanning takes ages. You will see "scanning..." in the bottom left for a while, then a counter will appear showing the number of images found.

Once the scanning has finished, you will see something like the images below. You can click on the images for the full-sized and clearer versions:-
Also, sort the files by size as the photo that you want is likely to be the largest you have like above. As you can see, you get a preview of the selected image. All you have to do is right-click on it. The easiest way to save the image is to click on "Open URL in Web Browser". Then save the image from there, also by right-clicking. This should work for ANY image on the BGS Alumni site.

If people have any problems, feel free to email me for help on guy@bgs-alumni-swizz.co.uk.

That's all for now.


Dr Guy Simmons BChD (BGS 1970-77)